the experience

If it's your engagement session, I want it to be like you are out with your friend. I want to bring out the best in you and make sure we capture your relationship to a T. If we need to break out the beer and cheese curds, LET'S GO. 
Your wedding day can stressful and I will do everything in my power to make sure its not. It will be the best day ever. 

When leaving your session or wedding day, I want to be one of the best parts! 

This is your experience.

After the wedding is over, I will send over sneak peeks within 48 hours and then the rest will be delivered in 4-8 weeks. The gallery will be delivered digitally and you can download them and print them wherever you want!! 

Gallery Delivery


I want to help with whatever I can while you are planning your big day so that when it comes around it's not one bit stressful! I will be your hair stylist, personal attendant, driver, MOH, best man, and whatever other title you need me to be. 

Wedding Day


Once we've gotten all the boring stuff out of the way then we can book your engagement session! We will dream up the perfect session and make sure it is everything you want! If you have ideas or want to something "different" I am HERE FOR IT. 

Engagement Session


If you decide that we can't live life without each other then I will send over the documents that are needed to book me for your big day! Next, we move on to the fun stuff!! 



When Inquiring with me, we will go through all the details in my packaging and set up a coffee (or wine) date in person or over the phone or FaceTime so that I can answer all your questions and to make sure we will be besties! 



I always ask if you have any sort of preference for background of your location then send you a list of places that match what you are looking for! If you know where you want them, let me know! 

6. Do we choose location for sessions or do you? 

30% non-refundable retainer fee is required for booking! 

5. What is the retainer fee for booking you for our wedding?

If you do not want an engagement session, thats okay! I do not offer a discount if an engagement session is not needed. I love engagement sessions to get to know you and you get to know me better before your big day! 

4. If we don't want an engagement session, do we get a discount on a wedding package?

3-4 weeks for a session & 4-8 weeks for a wedding! 

3. What is a turnaround time for sessions and weddings?

No I do not! 

2. Do you ever give unedited photos or raws?

You have the option of ordering them on the gallery but you are allowed to print them elsewhere after downloading the photos! 

1. AM I able to print my photos or have to order them through you?


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